Wash, Wash, Wash (2008)

For soprano and piano, text by Ana Berlin (2008) – 3 minutes

World Premiere: 2008, American Opera Projects Composers and the Voice series, Caroline Worra, soprano; Jennifer Peterson,


I am the number one

whore in town!

So it’s only fitting

that Vienna’s best GYN

comes to me… and I do him for free.

But lately poor Iggy’s been preoccupied,

gone mad  ’bout infection, contagion, peritonitis, and pus,

wondering why he has yet

to treat me for syphilis.

Hah! have I got a thing or two to teach you!

It’s as simple, Herr Doktor, as

soap and water!

You and your “learned” professors –

                who deny by the way that we women

                have sexual desires –

go straight from dissecting the dead

to birthing the young,

and then ask why

mothers are dropping like flies

from childbed fever.

Meanwhile, Herr Doktor, one basic rule

has kept us call girls

free of disease and ready to please…

and you would do well to do as we do:

wash, wash, wash,

wash between customers!

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