The Moon Ascending: four songs (2008)

A collection of four songs, two for soprano and two for baritone (2008) – 12 minutes
Orchestration: Versions for piano or ensemble (Cl, Pno, Vln, Vc) accompaniment; Original piano-vocal versions written for American Opera Projects Composers and the Voice series
Ensemble arrangements commissioned by: Avian Orchestra
Texts by Matthew Doherty, Walt Whitman, and Elinor Wylie

World Premiere: January 2009, Avian Orchestra, Le Poisson Rouge, New York, NY



Avian Orchestra; Laura Heimes, soprano; Chris Pedro Trakas, baritone
Live performance sample recordings

1.  Walk in the Park  (2:43)  (text: Doherty)

2.  the silvery round moon  (4:04)  (text: Whitman)

3.  alone.  Everyone is…  (middle section of a torn up letter found on the floor of the Albion Hotel)  (3:15)  (text: Doherty)

4.  Velvet Shoes  (3:45)  (text: Wiley)



The Moon Ascending is a collection of four songs, two for soprano and two for baritone, each on a facet of aloneness—from loneliness and madness to peace and transcendence. The songs are interlocked between the two characters (soprano, baritone, soprano, baritone).


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