Creature Dances (2006) solo harp

For harp (2005) – 9 minutes
Commissioned by: Harpist Arielle
World Premiere: May, 2006, Arielle Rodgers, harp, Paul Hall, The Juilliard School, New York City


I often like to approach writing for a new instrument by thinking about what I, a non-expert, might be able to contribute to the instrument’s repertoire. So I think about what an expert might not think to do, and I try to figure something out along those lines. This is risky because it can either yield something fresh and original, or something ill-advised. Written for harpist Arielle, these pieces explore chromaticism and animal imagery, neither of which seems often to be associated with the harp. Arielle helped me bring these pieces from their early ill-advised form to something kind of original, if not beastly hard.

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