Nice review for my arrangement of Carlisle Floyd’s gothic thriller MARKHEIM

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I’m so pleased to see how well this went, especially for an opening night review.  This was an incredibly challenging project for me, arranging this massive and complex score for a chamber orchestra of a mere 15 instruments, while protecting the imposing hugeness of the sound and the rich palette of sonic colors, all while making sure the balances work between and among the chamber orchestra and the singers. The whole terrific team came together to create a very powerful show.  Congratulations to Carlisle Floyd and all at LOTNY!

The orchestra, under the quick, exact conducting of Richard Cordova, at times suffered from a lack of consensus over entrances and rhythms. But the chamber arrangement by Raymond J. Lustig was far more successful. Even with Milner’s powerhouse voice, the musical size and texture never felt underdone.”   –  New York Classical Review

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