Triple House Concert!

So the other night we made a triple house concert: three different ensembles in three different living rooms, playing together on a Google Hangout. Riffing on my transatlantic orchestra piece Latency Canons (which premiered last April with American Composers Orchestra at Carnegie Hall and Gildas Quartet and conductor Dane Lam in Manchester, UK), this time I had two co-conspirators, composers Paul Haas (NY, NY) and Paul Fowler (Boulder, CO), and each had his own house concert going on. All three living rooms came together as one performance space. And yes, there’s delay on those lines, a gorgeous swirl of delays as the music comes rolling in from afar.

My daughter’s bedroom was graced by four incredibly gifted musicians: Mariella Haubs (vln), Mina Um (vln), Jameel Martin (vla), and Ken Kubota (vc). In Boulder, CO were composer Paul Fowler and vocalists Rose Fuller (soprano), Tara Uren (alto), Tom Morgan (tenor), and Brian du Fresne (bass). Elsewhere in Manhattan were composer Paul Haas, Josh Henderson (viola), Chern Hwei Fung (viola), Sam Quiggins (cello), and Amanda Lo (violin).

Here’s a test of music by J.S. Bach/Paul Haas, plus music by me at 1:11. ¬†Watch how impossible it is to stay together, and how fun that is! ¬†(S0rry about the wacky sound quality!)

Now from the audience point of view, here’s a clip of one of my pieces:

And here’s a clip of one of Paul Haas’s pieces:

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